• Water Heater Replacement Lancaster, PA

  • Need a water heater replacement in Lancaster, PA? Maybe that old hot water heater starting to leak? Maybe it's just not getting the water as hot as it used to? TempChek Mechanical Services provides fast and affordable hot water heater replacements. We have been serving Lancaster, PA  and Central,PA for over 25 years and can service or replace your hot water heater. 

    Not having hot water can really cause a strain on your life, you never fully realize how many tasks in your home you use hot water for. Having a plentiful supply of hot water for your showers, kitchen, and laundry is essential for providing you comfort at home. Tempchek installs high quality - yet affordable water heaters and and replacement them many times within a few short hours of your call. Our hot water heater replacement techs will arrive at your house, drain your current system, and install your new one fast and efficiently.

    Tempchek Mechanical Services can also upgrade your current electric water heater to natural gas (if available in your home) to provide you with a more economical way to heat your water. We also install new tankless hot water heaters so you will have an endless supply of hot water at your faucet. Our installation technicians are always trained on the best installation practices and are very knowledgeable in the hot water heaters we install. 


  • We Service and Replace:

    • Electric Hot Water Heaters
    • Natural Gas Hot Water Heaters
    • LP Hot Water Heaters
    • Tankless Hot Water Heaters
    • Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters

     Not having hot water can cause a lot of stress on you and your family. We can typically complete hot water heater replacements within a few hours after you call us. If you need replacement, call us today at 717-393-7572