• Commercial Heating & Cooling Repair Lancaster, PA


    Need a reliable Commercial Heating & Cooling Repair Company in Lancaster, PA ? Look no further then TempChek Mechanical Services, our expert and highly trained technicians can keep your Commercial Heating & Cooling systems up and running. We understand that  keeping your business comfortable for your employees and customers is important to any business owner. Unfortunately, problems do arise with your heating and cooling systems from time to time. Let TempChek Mechanical Services help reduce system downtime and increase your buildings efficiency.

    In addition to our Commercial Heating & Cooling Repair Services, we also offer preventative maintenance plans crafted specifically for your business needs and equipment environment. By having belts, filters, bearings, and other wearable parts serviced and changed periodically you can drastically reduce any unanticipated downtime and help extend the life of your equipment.

    We not only fix problems for customers, but also aide in helping them reduce operating expenses. In order to serve our customers the best, in addition to our Commercial Heating & Cooling Repair services, we also provide our customers with cost saving solutions for their businesses heating and cooling systems. Every business has unique heating and cooling applications and we thoroughly review and research the most cost effective equipment and configurations to help reduce your monthly utility bills. In past projects we have saved customers thousands of  dollars each year through the implementation of our equipment audits and recommendations.

    TempChek Mechanical has been providing quality Commercial Heating Service, Commercial Air Conditioning, and Commercial Refrigeration services for over 25 years. We serve Lancaster, PA , York, PA, and Chester County, PA with top notch HVAC/R Services.

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  • Commercial Heating & Cooling Repair Services

    Equipment we service:

    • Air Conditioning Units
    • Chillers
    • Gas & Oil Furnaces
    • Gas & Oil Boilers
    • Heat Pumps
    • Mini-Split Systems
    • Packaged Roof-top Units
    • Split- systems
    • & More.

    Industries Served:

    • Light Commercial
    • Commercial
    • Office Buildings
    • Restaurants
    • Industrial/Warehousing
    • Multi-family
    • & More.