• Commercial Heating & Cooling Lancaster, PA


    If you need a reliable Commercial Heating & Cooling Company in Lancaster, Pa, look no further then TempChek Mechanical Services. We understand that keeping your employees and customers comfortable is something that business owners often take for granted. Our employees are factory trained and are experts in replacing / installing commercial heating & cooling systems. Whether you have rooftop units or a ground mounted split system we have the tools and knowledge to get your heating and cooling system installed correctly and professionally. All our installations and replacements are up to code and will meet inspection requirements that your township or municipality might require.

    In addition to our Commercial Heating & Cooling Installation services, we also offer repair services to get your old units working like new again. If you do need a new HVAC system, we always work with you and your businesses unique needs to come up with the most cost effective and efficient setup for your environment. We know, their is no "One size fits all" approach to the installation and replacement of your commercial heating & air conditioning system.

    TempChek Mechanical Services has been replacing and installing Commercial and Industrial HVAC systems for over 25 years. We offer both replacements of existing systems as well as turnkey new installations for your business.


  • Commercial Heating & Cooling Services

    Industries Served:

    • Light Commercial
    • Commercial
    • Industrial
    • Multi-family Housing

    If you currently have systems that are in disrepair we provide the following replacement options.

    Replacing Existing Units:

    • Packaged Rooftop Units
    • Split Systems
    • Mini-split systems
    • Chillers
    • Stamped Drawings for Townships and Municipalities that require them.

    If you need a new system installed in either new construction or adding heating and cooling to a building with none existing we offer the following options:

    New Construction

    • Design and Layout of New Heating and Cooling installations
    • Stamped Blueprints for permitting
    • Ductwork (Metal and Fiberglass)
    • Gas Piping
    • Packaged Units
    • Split Systems
    • Mini-split systems (for individual offices, or buildings where there are no other options)
    • Chillers
    • & More.